Awesome Web Publishing

Logical is a modern content management system with a focus on user experience. From the moment you log in, your content is presented clearly. Everything works how you would expect, with features laid out in a simple and logical way.

Write your content, click publish and build something awesome.


Rather than follow the crowd, we've rethought every element of what a CMS should be.

Open Source

The best way to write software is with open source. Everyone can contribute, and the end product is better as a result.

Easily Customizable

Built on the Rails framework, Logical is easy to build upon.

Available on GitHub

We believe that open source is the best way to develop high quality software. Everyone is free to use, share and modify Logical and to build upon and improve it for our users. The Logical CMS is licensed under the GPL version 2 license and is available on GitHub.

Anyone is welcome to contribute. Even if you are not a developer, by testing the software and submitting bug reports & feature requests you can shape the future of Logical. We encourage everyone to get involved.

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